How to Pick the Right Compounding Clinic

If you’re in the market for any kind of specialized service; you have to understand that you’re basically shopping in a market. Just like in any kind of market, there’re going to be a lot of selections out there, and this might at first seem like a good thing. But the problem is if you are shopping for a particular type of service in a large metropolitan area like Tampa or Los Angeles or Seattle, the choice might be overwhelming. The problem is not the freedom of choice but freedom from choice. You might reach a point where you wish that your shortlist is very short. This is especially true when you’re looking for specialized pharmaceutical services like pain medication compounding, such as those offered at Trinity Pharmacy in Tampa.

The good news is that as long as you have a particular system and a particular method, you can go about choosing the right compounding clinic. It doesn’t have to be a big mystery. It doesn’t have to involve all sorts of tricky calculations or knowing the right people. You only need to pay attention to certain factors that would go a long way in ensuring you get the right kind of service you are expecting from the right compounding clinic.

Great training

One key hallmark of a high-quality compounding clinic is of course great training devoted to its staff members. Make no mistake about it, all sorts of problems can occur if people compound the wrong drugs for pain management. Either you don’t get the kind of pain management that you’re looking for or worse; you develop an addiction or your pain doesn’t go away.

All sorts of problems can occur that’s why it’s very important you deal with a truly professional outfit that has a high level of training for all the people you will be interacting with. We’re not just talking about the actual pharmacist who will be compounding your pain medication options but also the rank and file staff.

Great results

A compounding clinic is actually a very specific type of pharmaceutical outfit. It’s n like a run-of-the-mill outfit that you get at any corner drugstore. No, this is a very specialized pharmaceutical service provider, and you have to insist on a track record of great results. At the very least, look for professional references. Look for some sort of objective evidence that this particular company develops solid results over an extended period of time.

Full regulatory compliance

As you probably already know, anything that involves highly habit-forming chemical compounds that might impact your direct health has to be highly regulated. This is a no-brainer.

The problem is many different companies deal with regulations in different ways. Others use a check box system. Others just basically look at a regulatory compliance as a matter of having the right checklist and dealing with it at the right time.

This is not the level of service you should be looking for. At the very least, you should look for a company that takes the whole regulatory compliance issue very seriously because you’re not a statistic. If you overdose or if your pain doesn’t get addressed by the compounded medication, you feel the pain. It’s very real to you. No amount of checklist or compliance troubleshooting guidebook is going to make the problem go away.

So try to nip the problem in the bud by insisting on full regulatory compliance. You might want to ask the attending pharmacist a lot of pointed questions.

The Hallmarks of A Great Plastic Surgeon

plastic surgery imageHow can you tell if a plastic surgeon is actually good? In fact, there are many cases where a plastic surgeon has a solid reputation but when it comes to your particular case, that surgeon turns out to be a nightmare. This is exactly the kind of situation you’re trying to avoid. This is why it’s very important for you to be mindful of the hallmarks you should pay attention to as to what separates a great plastic surgeon from a mediocre one.

The good news is that you don’t have to do much guesswork. The good news is that you don’t have to do much heavy lifting. As long as you are systematic and methodical regarding the selection process, you can gain some measure of reassurance that you will make the right decision.

Keep the following factors in mind. This list is by no means an exhaustive list. This list is not a dispositive list that is an end-all or be-all list. This is just a starting point. Still, this list should give you enough information so that you can put the pieces together and look at each potential plastic surgeon candidate with the right framework. At the very least, using this list of factors would help you weed out the obviously bad choices.

Solid training

By solid training, I am of course talking about medical school training combined with practical experience. Dr. Adams is an example of a plastic surgeon with extensive experience and schooling. At the very least, you should entrust your case with a plastic surgeon who has been doing the kind of surgery you’re looking for several years now. This person should have solid training in terms of practical experience as well as certifications, seminars, and great base medical school training.

Great experience

There is really no substitute to many years of experience. I can’t emphasize this enough. However, the solid training that I have discussed above should form a baseline. That’s non-negotiable.

The best plastic surgeon has solid training and on top of this, has great experience. These are two sides of the same coin. You cannot dispose of either. If the person has bad training but great experience, this person is not as good as of a choice than a person who has both solid training and great experience. I hope this is clear.

An eye for detail

You can tell when you interview or talk to a plastic surgeon for consultation, whether this person has an eye for detail. You can also view before and after photos of previous patients. An eye for detail is indispensable when it comes to plastic surgery. This can actually spell the difference between you getting the kind of results you are looking for and being unhappy. It can cost you quite a bit of money, time, and emotional resources when you have to reverse plastic surgery. You don’t want to be in that position.

One key factor that ensures that you won’t end up in that sorry situation is whether the prospective plastic surgeon you’re talking to have an eye for detail. Be on the look out for a plastic surgeon that goes an extra mile in terms of descriptions and prognosis.

An army of happy clients

One key indicator that you’re dealing with a great plastic surgeon compared with a mediocre one is when that person has an army of happy patients. By an army, I’m talking about a huge number of patients who just basically sing at the rooftops the praises of this particular plastic surgeon. Be on the look out for such a surgeon because they do exist. In fact, they are more numerous than you think.

Preparing Yourself for Botox

What Can You Expect When You Receive a Botox Injection

botox pricesBotox injections are a form of medication that uses botulinum toxin which can paralyze the muscle activity temporarily. The toxin is produced by a certain type of microbe that causes botulism, which is a type of food poisoning.

The injections are given to reduce the facial wrinkles, neck spasm, overactive bladder, and excessive sweating. Also it helps in preventing chronic migraines in some people. Now if you are thinking what you can expect when you receive a Botox injection then the points below may help you as explained by the team at RedBamboo Medi-spa.

Before the procedure:

Most of the people can handle the discomfort of the injection but still there are options that can help you to numb your skin. The options are as follows:

· Injections: Your physician can inject a numbing medication that will make the area numb while you take the Botox injection. 

· Cream: A cream is used which is applied for 60 to 90 minutes before you undergo the procedure. 

· Cold spray: Cold spray is given to your skin for 10 seconds and the numbness lasts in the skin just for a few seconds. 

Also you must not go for the injection when you have an infection in the area where the botox should be injected. Also if you have an allergy towards botulinum toxin or any bladder infection then you won’t be able to undergo the procedure.

Your doctors will need to know about whether you take sleeping aids or allergy medications. They also need to know about whether you have taken the injection in the last four months.

The procedure:

The doctor uses a thin needle so that a tiny amount of the toxin is inserted into the skin or in your muscles. The injections depend on a number of things which includes the extent of the area that should be treated. The injections of Botox, seen here, are usually given in the doctor’s office. 

After the procedure:

After you have undergone the procedure you can continue your day as normal. The place where the toxin is injected must not be rubbed as it can lead the toxin to migrate to some other parts in your body. 

Necessity of the injection: 

The injections helps in blocking certain signals that can make the muscles contract to a great extent. It is used to relax the facial muscles, the frown lines that are present between the eyebrows, the horizontal lines when one raises their eyebrows.

Also the muscle contracture of the limbs, your neck and even the muscles in eyes can be prevented from contraction with the help of the injection. Again this is the best option in case of bladder dysfunction, migraine that last for 15 days of a month and excessive sweating.

Some risks associated with the injection;

If they injection is not given in the proper place then problems like cockeyed eyebrows, crooked smile, dry eye or eyelid may droop. Also swelling or bruising in the place of the injection can happen as side effects of the Botox injection.

If you are facing problems like loss of bladder control, muscle weakness, problems in vision, breathing or swallowing then you need to visit the doctor immediately for guidance. Always go for the best physician that can give you proper guidance in this and also efficiently administer the Botox treatments. 

The toxic injections show their results after a few days of their treatment. The effects of the injection may last from three to 12 months and one may need regular follow up injections to make the effect last for a longer period of time.

4 Fast Weight Loss Tips

It doesn’t matter if you just want to lose a few extra pounds to fit in that dress, or if you have more serious goals like losing 25 pounds in 2 months, the 7 fast weight loss tips in this article will help you get there.

Let’s get straight to it…

Avoid fad diets

Quite possibly the number one mistake that people make when trying to lose weight is constantly going on fad diets. Unfortunately, these kind of diets are a complete waste of time, and in some cases can even be downright dangerous.

In order to achieve safe and predictable weight loss, it’s essential that you follow a well balanced and natural diet that contains plenty of meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, and nuts.

Don’t be tempted by fad diets such as the “lemonade diet” or the “cabbage soup diet.” Sure, you might see some initial weight loss, but it isn’t sustainable, and you will put it straight back on again.

Eat smaller meals

small mealsAnother tip to help you lose weight fast is eat smaller meals throughout the day The reason? Because it helps to speed up your metabolism so you can digest your food quicker.

This is in stark contrast to the traditional advice of eating 3 large meals a day. Instead, you should aim to eat around 6 to 7 smaller meals a day for maximum weight loss.

For example, you could have scrambled eggs in the morning followed by a selection of fruit during mid morning, Then, for lunchtime have a tuna salad, and during mid afternoon have a protein shake with a handful of nuts. For the evening meal chicken breast, baked potato and vegetables could be on the menu, before having a selection of cottage cheese and fruit an hour or two before going to bed.

Get plenty of exercise

It seems simple enough, so why don’t more people do it? Getting plenty of exercise is an essential part of fast weight loss, and many doctors agree that you only need to do around 30 minutes per day of moderate exercise to start seeing results.

With this in mind, make sure get on the exercise bike or treadmill for at least 30 minutes a day, so you can burn calories and reach your weight loss goals faster that you thought possible.

Not only that, but you will also increase your fitness levels and just feel more healthier in general. This can only be a positive thing.

Try certain supplements

While weight loss supplements are not the miracle cure to being skinny that many advertisements claim, there are some supplements that can be beneficial when taken in addition to a healthy diet consisting of natural foods.

As an example, the appetite suppressant Garcinia Cambogia works for some people, while for other people it has no effect at all.

If you are having trouble with snacking on junk food in between meals then you might want to give it a try for yourself. Just make sure you always read the label before taking any weight loss supplements, and only buy from reputable sellers on sites such as Amazon.

What Is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

Blood is mostly a liquid (referred to as plasma), but it also has solid elements (platelets, white cells, and red cells). The platelets are most well known for their significance to blood clotting. Platelets also have hundreds of proteins referred to as growth factors that are crucial in the healing of injuries.

PRP is plasma that has a lot more platelets than you would usually see in blood. The platelet concentration – and, of course, the growth factor concentration – can be up to ten times higher than usual.

To perform a PRP preparation, blood has to be taken from a patient. The platelets are distinct from other blood cells and their concentration is increased by a processed referred to as centrifugation. Afterward, the increased platelet concentration is mixed with the remaining blood.

Over the last several years a lot has been written about PRP and how it could be potentially effective in injury treatment.

A lot of notable athletes have gotten PRP for different problems, like sprained ankles and tendon injuries. These sorts of conditions have usually been treated with PT, medications, and even surgery. PRP is not nearly that invasive. Some athletes have said that it has let them return to sports more rapidly than they would have otherwise been able to.

PRP has been used to treat chronic tendon problems, ligament and muscle injuries, knee arthritis, and fractures. It has shown enormous promise and real results in these areas.

What Are The Benefits Of PRP?

PRP from Skin NV offers numerous benefits and potential therapeutic uses, including:

  • Tissue rejuvenation and regeneration
  • Non-allergenic
  • It is a physiological product that is not animal-derived or from a human donor

There is still not enough research about the advantages of PRP for the popular media to take note and spread the word about it. For more information about plasma treatments visit

Losing Weight The Different Way?

When it comes to losing weight most people are totally confused. Which diet should I choose? How many calories a day should I eat? Which “diet expert” should I listen to? These are all questions you might be asking yourself.

Ultimately, when it comes to losing weight in the shortest amount of time possible, following conventional advice just doesn’t work. Think about. Around 95% of people always fail in their weight loss goals, which means if you do the same things then you will get the same results.

With this in mind, you need to start thinking in a different way. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Don’t go on a diet

It seems to be all we hear about in magazines and on the television…diet, diet, diet…but do diets actually work? In the vast majority of cases they don’t, and the reason for this is because most people see them as short term fixes.

This means they might lose a bit of weight initially, but within a few days their willpower starts to drop and in no time at all they are back eating junk food for breakfast and dinner.

The key to losing weight is to create healthy eating habits that last a lifetime. It might not be easy, and it will probably take you a few attempts before things start to stick, but in the end it will all be worth it.

Don’t join a gym

Not only are gyms expensive, but they also set you up for failure from the start. The reason? Because just about everybody that joins a gym knows subconsciously that they are not going to go on a regular basis, so why even bother in the first place?

Without a doubt, the best way to get in your daily exercise fix is to have a workout at home. Not only do you increase the chances that you will actually do something, but you also save money and get to have quick workouts without waiting around to use the equipment or dealing with the crowds.

Consider little known treatments

weightlossThere are a range of different treatments out there that may be able to help you lose weight in the shortest amount of time possible. These kind of treatments are not talked about by the mainstream diet gurus or magazine writers, and the vast majority of people don’t even know about them.

As an example, PRP weight loss has started to gain some positive reviews in the weight loss underground recently, and for people with a bit of money to spend it could be a great way to lose weight and feel great.

Of course, make sure you conduct some of your own research before diving in. Treatments such as PRP weight loss might not be for everyone, which means you need to get more information before making a decision

The final word

As you can see, you don’t have to follow the “mainstream” advice when trying to lose weight. The vast majority of people are caught up in silly fad diets and only eating carbs on certain days of the week. Don’t believe the hype. Instead, always look to do things the different way…that’s where you find success!

Heartrate Monitors

Most common models of heart rate monitors attach to your wrist and have a digital readout that makes it easy to use.  These battery-powered units can also give you a variety of other information depending on the type and model that you purchase.

However, before you buy a heart rate monitor, you need to examine your own needs.  Are you a basic user, planning for an ordinary routine of workouts?  You might be interested in weight loss and may want a heart rate monitor that can also monitor calorie burn.  Athletes and fitness fanatics might want a model that includes a stopwatch and other similar features such as a GPS so you always know where you are.  Whatever kind of exercise training you are interested, there is a heart rate monitor designed just for your needs.

As you become fitter, the heart needs to work less to move the blood around your body.  Most fitness experts say “Effective aerobic conditioning requires that you maintain your heart rate at the proper intensity level for at least 20 minutes per workout”.  However, if your heart rate is too high, your exercise can become counter effective.  For beginners, it is important not to push too hard.

You do not want your heart beat to exceed the most beneficial upper limit of more than 85% more than your normal heart rate.  Using a heart rate monitor will let you know exactly the speed at which your heart is pumping.  If the heart rate monitor tells you that your heart is not pumping fast enough, you can speed up your workout.  If the heart rate monitor says you are working too hard, you can slow down.

Are you one of those people that is totally committed to your personal exercise routine?  Or are you a person that enjoys working out in an effort to stay strong and healthy?

Whichever type of exercise enthusiast that you might be, you really should be using a heart rate monitor.

The simple fact is that that harder we exercise, the more benefit we gain from our workouts.  Of course, the harder we workout, the faster our heart beats.  That is where much of the benefit of exercise comes.  We work our heart to make it a better functioning and healthier organ.  The problem is that we need to know how hard our heart is working.  Not only do we want our heart rate to increase as we workout to achieve maximum benefits from our exercise, but we do not want to over work the heart.  This is where the heart rate monitor comes in.

Weight Loss Products: Vitamin B12 and Weight Loss

b12B12 boosts your metabolism.  This means that you digest your food faster and burn more calories just by sitting there.  And the more calories you burn, the fewer calories you store as fat.  Plus, if you increase your exercise level, you’ll boost your metabolism even more!

If you’ve looked into B12 shots, you’ve probably noticed they’re a bit pricey; usually about $65 a piece.  As I mentioned earlier, we all have B12 in our system that come from the food we eat.  While getting shots may be a bit more potent, you can get more B12 into your system by adding it into your diet.  Don’t try pills, they don’t work as well.  Just eat more foods that are rich in B12.  Some suggestions for food high in B12 include: clams, liver, trout, and salmon.  You can also find foods, such as breakfast cereal that have been fortified with B12 and other vitamins and minerals.

There are many arguments for and against B12.  There are scientists who will claim that there’s no proof of its effectiveness, but what about the thousands of people who say they’ve lost weight?  The key to losing weight is that there’s no magical shot or pill, you have to work at it.  However, combined with diet and exercise, B12 could be the boost your system needs to finally take those extra pounds off.

You may have heard claims of B12 shots producing significant weight loss in no time.  You also may have heard scientists say that there’s no proof B12 helps you lose weight (but it has been proven to keep you from gaining it).  So what’s the truth?  What is B12 and does it really help you lose weight?

B12 is a nutrient we naturally get in our diets.  It is vital for out body to function normally.  A B12 deficiency can have serious effects on your body.  Would you make a cake a purposely leave out the flour, sugar, or baking soda?  Of course not.  When you leave an important ingredient out, the cake just doesn’t work right.  Your body is the same way.  If you’re lacking an important nutrient like B12, your body just doesn’t work right.  By adding this vital nutrient to your system, you’re letting your body operate more effectively and efficiently.  This improves your overall health and helps you lose weight.

B12 gives you a great energy boost.  While this may not take off the pounds in itself, it can get you up and moving.  Many people don’t exercise because they’re just too tired at the end of a long day.  With this extra energy, you can go to the gym or even just take a walk around the block.  Plus, if you find your energy level dragging between shots, you can get more B12 in your diet to keep yourself going.